Alcivar Silvi
Alpert Caren
Augustin Aliza
Berger Jenn
Bohn Rich
Braidwood Alex
Broach Matt
Bugg Peter
Callaghan Mike
Crow Carrie - John Greiner
Cupeteli Annica - Mendoza Cristobal
D'Zmura Susan
Edrington Mike - Medina Kyla
Frater Jean Alex
Frish Jeffrey
Fuller Terra
Guillen Alvaro
Gibson Chadwick
Grilli Cynthia
Holcomb Michael
Ismael de Anda III
Keefer Amy
Kranitz Stacy
Krell Noah
Lenochan Jc
Lundy Monica
March Mary
Nichols Robert
Nicolai Elle
Rödén Ida
Rojas James
Rau Jeff
Sabela Vincent
Svetvilas Chanika
Vrijmoet Kate
Jordan Betten
Nicolas Bourriaud
Karen Smith& Ida Hledikova
Base Design
Alfredo Cramerotti
Arie Galles
Ed Giardina, Finishing School
Zoè Gruni
Jecca, Stealth Art
Milos Koptak
Max Presneill
Marc Pally
Wolfgang Steahle
Michiel Schwarz & Joost Elffers
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs SK
Tim Hung Nguyen
Sharon Wray

You First was an exhibition at OCCCA
presented by UFORA curators Dalibor Polivka and Rob Mintz.

Exhibition dates: October 1-29, 2011

Contact: You First / UFORA
Orange County Center for Contemporary Art
117 North Sycamore,
Santa Ana, California 92701, USA
Ph: 714.667.1517

You First Artists

“Wait, one minute. I’ve had an idea. It’s neither good nor bad. We’ll all come together and make a really loud sound. Pow!” This was the spoken text of a powerful performance. A troupe of dancers turned the gallery into a theatrical space in which time itself seemed to flow from the source, with choreography inspired by Sheron Wray’s recent stay in Ghana. The piece alternated choreographed with improvised dance sequences, culminating in an audience involvement finale that created the rarest of things: true participation. The barrier between self and other vanished in a blur of music and movement. When the gallery-goers shouted, “Pow!” in unison, the rafters shook.

The curators salute the artists of You First
, celebrating their intellect, taste, talents and eccentricities. According to Nicolas Bourriaud, “There exists art inspired by democracy, sharing the essence of its values.” The art in You First is neither a distraction, nor an act of consumption, but the name of a hope, reaffirming the social bond, countering the grip of mass culture. You First was a functional think tank in which post-representational creatives directly engaged the world. You First was a machine for generating ideas, for thinking things through — but not to completion. Some thoughts (like certain masterpieces) are best left unfinished

In our new book of essays, press releases, quotations, interviews, and art documentation, we hope to perpetuate a charmed moment. It is our contribution to the discourse surrounding relationalism in its many forms. It only exists thanks to our artists involvement, for which we are profoundly grateful. The artists in You First reaffirmed the social bond, countering the grip of mass culture. We have titled this expanded catalog, The Unreality of UFORA. It contains the essay submitted to us by Bourriaud, as well as one by Alfredo Cramerotti, recently a curator in the Biennale de Venezia. We have organized the artists’ works into categories illuminating aspects of contemporary praxis and provided additional reflections about exhibition as medium and the atmosphere of the UFORA project in general, complete with the artists’ biographical statements and a lengthy bibliography, all in an unusually designed, bi-lingual, English and Slovak edition.