Exhibition itself has become an experimental medium. The art of our time is a network of ideas.

Ufora is a platform created in 2009 by independent artists and curators Dalibor Polivka and Rob Mintz designed to explore the global context of contemporary art. Ufora was launched as a prototype website while the curators busied themselves with an international exhibit named Inexpressible, followed by an exchange with Galeria Z in Bratislava, After Hours.

Ufora conducts innovative collaborations with local institutions, art groups and individual artists. Ufora presents projects designed to augment personal exchanges between human beings, creating situations conducive to the formulation of new paradigms, energized by a participatory atmosphere. Ufora gathers evidence of artistic interventions, independent field-work and renegade provocations.

What is UFORA

Ultimately Ufora is an endorsement of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights issued by the United Nations which unequivocally states that everyone has the right to freedom of expression, to receive ideas across all frontiers in support of the dignity and development of the individual.

The Unreality od UFORA
Notes on Contemporary Art
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